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More Intimate Wedding Events Get Big Smiles

The last year taught this caterer and event planner that we can find a way forward through anything. Several of our wedding events were postponed for a year. Other events changed entirely in order to comply with health department mandates. At first, many of our hosts and brides were saddened and felt the day would be ruined. It just was not the day they originally envisioned.

Fast forward to the solutions we created for them, and people were all smiles!

The little things are everything.

Event budgets and catering menus originally intended for large gatherings are easily adapted to smaller, more intimate gatherings. Our brides enjoyed special things that might not have been possible with the larger guest list. Families found that fewer guests made it easier to manage the event budget and create a more personal experience for their guests.

It was a pleasure to help families find “just right” solutions. A shorter guest list meant we focused on details for each guest’s experience. Because we had more available to us in the budget, we could spend a little more on things people notice. We were able to replace paper napkins with linen, add more floral decor, and create more dynamic menus.

As a wedding events caterer and planner, I listen carefully to the ideal vision for each event. It is important to understand what kind of experience people want to create for their guests. I know how to get us there or get us really close because I have 20 years of experience in the industry. (My experience as a firefighter means I stay very calm under pressure!) This was the year that all of my experience came together so that I could create memorable events and deliver. The potential for abrupt changes is something that I anticipate before problems arise. 2020 threw curve balls but I come prepared.

What do people remember?

It is said often, “people remember how you make them feel”. People remember moments that delight them, that are unlike other experiences they remember. Perhaps it is something about the flowers that stays with them, or the food. A good wedding events planner understands this and creates every opportunity to bless your guests in the experience. When your guests are smiling because of the food, of course I am pleased. To see the bride smiling because the day she thought was ruined turned into a blessing? That is the reason I do what I do.