Distinguished Engagements

Crisp Autumn Air and Fine Dining with Friends

Not every catered event is a large, formal affair. Winery outings and wine pairing dinners take center stage in the early fall for many of our clients. These can be fun and casual, or quietly elegant affairs.

Fall for Great Food and Fun People

Visiting wineries, breweries, or pick your own farms this fall? Picnic lunches and charcuterie boards are fun, casual fare for these gatherings. A catered lunch makes the afternoon more festive-and makes it easier for everyone to relax and enjoy the day. No need to make a mad dash to the store for snacks and cups. Our team takes care of it all for you. Our staff delivers, serves and cleans up for you, OR you can arrange to pick up your order.

Pairing Dinners with Friends

Private Wine Pairing Dinners are popular in the Fall. A Girls Getaway and Friendsgiving dinners are popular ways to enjoy dining with friends. These events are hosted in your home or at a weekend rental, as long as we comply with the house rules of the property host. Our chef teams work with a sommelier to customize your entire dining experience. Distinguished Engagements serves and acts as your host, guiding your guests through the meal. When dinner is over, the staff provides our signature clean-up service before leaving. Our teams manage everything. You and your guests can relax and enjoy the evening together.

* Pro Tip: If there are big events on the horizon, consider this option as a fun way to enjoy a tasting experience with friends.

Plan Ahead

Please schedule early for any upcoming events you want to host or co-host. This gives us an opportunity to custom craft your menu and include any special requests or requirements. Our goal is to be easily available to our hosts and guests, but having time to pay attention to details is important to the quality of our work.

We strive to ensure that our clients and guests have peace of mind when they book with our team.

We continue to provide flexibility as regional health departments shift public health and safety regulations. Distinguished Engagements understands our clients need the ability to reschedule events without penalty and that some events must be adjusted to accommodate social distancing. In the extreme, we may anticipate refunds for events that the venue or local authorities cancel.