Distinguished Engagements

A Distinguished Welcome

A big, warm, thankful welcome to all of you to the new website.  A Big shout out to Bryan Staudt for helping create this beautiful online world.  Our goal is to share thoughts, ideas, and joy through our passion of loving and serving.  We hope to find opportunities to serve, and share that joy by allowing you and your family and friends to relax and enjoy your event, rather than being consumed by the planning and application that is required for hosting an event.  Allow us to do the leg work, so you can enjoy your own party. 

One of the biggest joys we share at Distinguished Engagements is gathering with our whole family.  We try to make a point to have a collective family meal at least once a month.  Life gets in the way and that isn’t always accomplished as frequent as we prefer, but even the communication that is sparked from trying to set it up is a blessing rather than not talking at all.  Our typical meeting includes getting everyone together at one of our homes, and everyone bringing something to the table.  It may just be bringing paper plates but it is still contributing to the meal.  Trying new things, expanding tastes, and experimenting outside the box is usually my focus, and using my family as the Guinea pigs will mostly result in smiles, if not a few laughs. 

One other frequent tradition we have begun with my family is sheet pan Sundays.  This entails throwing whatever we want on to a large sheet pan, seasoning to taste, and cranking the oven.  We have discovered many different ways to enjoy not so popular foods (meaning the kids aren’t big fans) in a whole different light, such as sweet potatoes and pork.  Not only is this allowing us to have a simple and easily prepared meal, but it allows our sons, who both show an interest in cooking and serving, to create, and think outside their own box.  Even the two year old will suggest ingredients, although bubble gum has not made its official appearance. 

Bottom line is we are excited to be here.  Here to love, serve, and help build an environment for others that allows them to relax and enjoy their event.  We want to be the ones who lift the stress of throwing a wedding.  We want to be the ones who walk next to you in grief during a funeral.  We want to Love and Serve in whatever way that presents itself.  Thank you for visiting, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.  We are Blessed to serve.  Thank you.

-Chef Matt Walker